Sarah Milmine

I am a passionate thinker with a proven track record for translating complex ideas into slick, successful comms. With 10 years in the industry under my belt I now work freelance providing creative support snd consultancy to a variety of clients.

Some of the things I do...

Branding and Identity Design

including logo and asset design, brand stories and positioning.

Presentations and Pitches 

Not just Powerpoint but everything thing from from debriefs to POS. It's all about getting the message across.

Data Design 

Such as info-graphics and report illustration.

Concept Ideation

From packaging and product mock ups to retail environment

Consumer Comms

From workshops stimulus and pre-task diaries to consumer videos and Vox Pops films, I firmly believe that materials that pique the interest of your audience are going to be give the attention and considerations they deserve and as a result produce better output.


As broad as this seems the commonality across all of the projects I undertake is communication and my role is to deliver the message in an intelligent, targeted and engaging way....

Whilst at a glance my role may mirror that of a typical designer, the main difference is that I don't thrive on projects where I don't have to think.


At a glance design programs and what they do

At a glance design programs and what they do

The way I go about it...

My areas of expertise include Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, PremierPro, PowerPoint and I also use a variety of other programs such as AfterEffects Flash and Excel.